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Modifications to Marriage System


Wartune 6.1 redefines marriage and simplifies the whole process. Everything you need to know about 6.1 marriage: discounted and time-limited wedding ceremonies for newly-weds; tons of exclusive items for holding weddings; Satisfaction and Happiness for attribute boosts, Wedding Rings for permanent attribute bonuses and marriage skills.




Tattoo Engraving


 Tattooing has been a hard nut to crack for many players. It seems some players may have a BR of millions but still fail to be knighted because they can't meet the high tattoo requirements. Wartune 6.1 offers a nice way for players to increase their tattoo attributes. So, get ready to engrave your tattoo and let your tattoo attributes soar!



Divine Altar (New)


Warriors of Gaia, band together and challenge the Divine Altar which has been haunted by hellish demons!

Cooperate to clear away the obstacles and take back the alter! Do this and victory will be yours!

Upon entering the Divine Altar, guild members should work together. Powerful guild members can use their strength to improve the general abilities of all guild members. Divine Altar aims to create good rapport between guild members and increase guild members' sense of cooperation.




Clothing Box


Want to wear cool clothing? Now you can! Test your luck by drawing Clothing Chests. Or you draw 10 Clothing Chests at a time to guarantee a random outfit!

Players may access the Clothing Box by clicking the corresponding icon at top of the screen. See image below:



Eudaemon Diagram


The number of Eudaemons keeps increasing which may make it harder to look for a specific Eudaemon. Therefore, a new Eudaemon panel has been created! The new panel will not only display Eudaemon quantity but will classify them. Plus, more features such as Eudaemon Diagram, Conversion and Awakening have been added. You can also use materials to summon Eudaemons when troops meet the required conditions!




Outland System


Since the land was discovered, a fierce battle erupted among the lands. War seems to perpetuate throughout and various peoples have begun their efforts to colonize the land. However, there is no one ruler as of yet. Who will conquer the land and claim the vast and exceedingly valuable resources as their own?




Venus' Battles


The War of Eternity has escalated into Venus' Battle ever since the goddess, Venus, descended upon the land of Gaia!

Receive blessings from the Goddess to enjoy double points and stunning skills!

Use Inspire to make your attributes soar! Battling to the end right by your spouse's side!

Party up with your spouse to earn awesome rewards and tons of marriage materials!




Titan System


4 Titans have been added to the original 3 Titans. Similar to the previous 3 Titans, the 4 new Titans also have their own skills and attributes. Players may mix and match different Titan skills during battle.



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Sep. 21, 2016