Wartune is Coming Soon

2013-03-21 01:10:11

Wartune is a RPG and tactic 2.5D webgame based on western fantasy. The application of 3d rendering and 2d performance in graphics brings exquisite visual gaming experiences to players.

In Wartune, the earl stage is basically on developing cities and exploring dungeons. As a city lord, you can build your city and recruit soldiers to fight against the demons. Also, there are many different gameplay modes in dungeon exploration, including attack, escape or counter attack. 

Now let’s take a look at some game highlights.

3DRendering: Fantasy style graphics with 3D rendering represented by next-gen animation.

Stunning combat effect: Semi-realtime turn based fighting mechanics, enjoyable battle effects.

QTEcombat system: Innovative QTE system for players to enhance skill effect. Comparing with traditional turn-based game, there will be more fun.

Soldier build: The game has 7 types of soldiers with distinctive features.  Soldiers can become stronger by using Daru and finally form a powerful army. 

Develop your own city: Integrated the features of strategy games, players can build their own cities to enhance character abilities.

Dungeon: Unique dungeon system offers players an opportunity to explore the game freely.

Join Wartune at NGames now to enjoy the fun! You’ll experience incredible battles and epic story like no one before!