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2014-09-21 22:02:16


We all know the traditional stories of One Thousand and One Nights.There are many different stories in the book. Tonight let's catch up with our inspiration and become authors to make a new story. We will give you a beginning, and you will continue making a legendary story. Try any words you like just to keep the story flowing from person to person for as long as possible. 


The beginning of our story:

A ring wrapped in ashes erupts from the dark mountain.In the absence of the magma seal, the power of the ring immediately displayed itself. All of the dead soldiers on the battlefield resurrected, they became a new generation of Nazgul. If this is a nightmare, it is only the beginning of the nightmare...


Start the story by adding one sentence. Every participant should add only one sentence to continue our story...

Don’t forget add your right IGN and Server after your sentence.

Now it’s your turn!Make a story and win rewards here



Sept .22th - Oct .5th



1. You must keep the theme of the story; any non-story related/inappropriate posts will be removed. No endings until Oct.5th.

2. Posts must contain at least 15 words.

3. Every qualifying post will receive a participation reward. Without complete information you will not be eligible for prizes.

4. Cannot copy.

5. Each character can only be rewarded once.

6.Rewards will be sent within one week after the event ended.

Wartune Operating Group

 Sept 21, 2014