In the Name of Honer´╝ü The first Class Wars Coming!

2013-06-19 00:23:56

Wartune Empire cross-border PK will soon launch! Wartune players will be able stand on the stage of Class wars to enjoy the top contests in the same class. Who will run the show finally? Let’s just keep tuned!

Agenda of the Contest (Server Time)

Time: 20th June. 19:55-21:05 for Preliminary Contest

Interval: To enjoy crazy Wagers time!

Final Contest: 22nd June. 19:55-21:05 for Final Contest

Participating Requirement: Hero level above lvl. 50 without battle rating limitation

Contest Form

Both preliminary contest and final contest will be divided into 3 groups based on 3 different classes. The contest will be hold among players with the same class. The accumulative points system will be applied in preliminary contests in which the top 100 players of accumulative points will enter into final contest. The final contest will be hold under a ranking system. There will be more than one turn before the final result comes out. The Holy Seal skill will be unavailable in this event. More info on


60 minutes are assigned in preliminary contest and 40 minutes in final contest. You will have to enter Class war battleground 5 minutes before the contest begin. Duration of each individual battle lasts less than 3 minutes.

Joyous Wagers

Joyous Wagers will be unlocked after preliminary contest, players above Lvl.35 will be able to guess the final top 3 in one class which is the same to yours in the contest. The winner will get a Glory Crystal which can be used in Glory shop to purchase items. More info on

All players participate in First Class War will receive rich bonus packs prepared by Official Wartune Team. Top 3 players in all classes will receive extra special mount for reward. The top one players will receive more MYSTERIOUS REWARDS! More details on official introduction.

Wartune Operating Group

June18th, 2013