Introduction for Class War System

2013-06-18 21:37:07


Class War is a system in which players can enter solo PK battles with their troops. Players above Lvl.50 will be able to participate. There are rich rewards for players, you can manifest your power in this best stage! Remember the fact that the strongest becomes the king!

Wartune is a Strategy Hybrid MMORPG released by Ngames Ltd.


1. The Class War will be unlocked unscheduled.

2. The contest will be divided into preliminary contest and final contest, and the wager will be open in the interval between two contests, also there is Glory Shop in this system.

3. Contests will be divided into two parts, The preliminary contest time will be on 19:55-21:05 Thursday, and the final contest will be on 19:55-21:05 Saturday (Not absolute time).

4. Wager time will be in the interval between preliminary and final contest.



1. For preliminary contest: Heroes above Lvl. 50 without limitation on battle rating

2. For Wager: Heroes’ level above Lvl. 35.

3. For final contest: Top 100 in preliminary contest in different class, totally 300 players.



1.1 Preliminary Contest

Players enter the interface of auto-match to wait for battle.

Wartune is a Strategy Hybrid MMORPG released by Ngames Ltd.

1 The players will be auto-matched before entering the battle interface

2 The auto-matches will be mainly based on the accumulative points you have in the same class. System will match players randomly if they have the same points.

3. 15 times of auto-matches are allowed for each player.

4. Every single battle will last no more than 3 minutes.

5. Accumulative points will be counted after the battle.


1.2 The Wager

1.Top 100 of the players in preliminary contest will be the target of wager(higher battle rating will be selected if more than 100 players).

2. All players above Lvl. 30 will be able to participate Wager.

3. Players are allowed to guess the top three of the class same to theirs.

Wartune is a Strategy Hybrid MMORPG released by Ngames Ltd.


1.3. Final Contest

There are totally 10 ranking contests in final contest which are 4 minutes’ single battles with 1 for preparation and 3 for battle. Each battle have time limit.

1. The ranking contest will be divided into different turns.

2.  Players will have a ranking with a descending order based on Victory times which is a same 0 to all players at the beginning. Players with the same victory times will be ordered randomly.

3. Players will have solo battles against players next to them in the ranking list.

4. The winner will have their points added by 1, the loser will remain the same points before this battle.

5. The ranking list will be refreshed after every battle, and thus the players battle against will change every time.


1.4  Rewards

1. Both Winner and Loser will receive points, players will receive more points in later battles.

2. Players will receive Glory Crystal after preliminary contest.

3. Players can obtain Glory Crystal in both preliminary and final contest, also in Wager. Glory Crystal can be useed to exchange items in Glory Shop.


1.5. Rewards for Wager

Winners in Wager will receive rewards.

The rewards will be different according to your counter you put in the Wager with an reward upper limit of 20 times and lower limit of 0.5 times of your counter. All rewards will be Glory Crystal.

Those who lose in Wager will have their balens back in the Wager.


1.6 Rewards for Final Contest

Players will be rewarded according to their ranking. Rewards are included: Special Mounts, honorable Titles or Glory Cyrstals.


1.7 Glory Shop

Items included: Lvl.70 Legendary Stone Pack, Wildfire Steed Card and Large Runestone

Wartune is a Strategy Hybrid MMORPG released by Ngames Ltd. Glory Crystal: Can be used to exchange rare items in Glory Shop


1.8.  Class War Boost

The EXP boost of all servers is determined by the ranking of the top players in the server.


1.9. Note:

Glory Crystal will be cleaned up 3 days after Class war ended.

Holy Seal Skill will be unavailable during the Class War. Players will get buff based on the highest ranking of the players in this server.