VIP & Spirit Covenant

2016-06-29 22:27:48

VIP and the Spirit Covenant have been modified significantly. After the adjustments, VIP players will enjoy more VIP benefits, and Spirit Covenant will be even more powerful!

[VIP Bonus Modification]

1. New:

Added Imperial Seal to the weekly VIP Pack;

Decreased time for learning Sylph skills;

Double Tank Trials rewards;

Extra free Cross-Server Bullhorn attempts.

2. Adjustments:

More bonus EXP in dungeons;

1-Click Astral Capture now unlocks earlier at VIP3, and Auto-Capture unlocks earlier at VIP4;

Bless All unlocks earlier at VIP4.

3. Meanwhile, the following benefits have been removed:

Exclusive Shop;

Exclusive Daily Quests;

Extra Alchemy and Daru Alchemy attempts.


[Spirit Covenant Modification]

1. New:

Circuit Master: Auto accepts Circuit Quests to greatly save time;

Archaeology Auto-path: Auto-path when searching for an archaeology spot to improve efficiency.

2. The Power of Healing effect has been removed from the Spirit Covenant since HP Packs have been removed from the game.

3. Players can no longer buy a single Spirit Covenant feature from the Shop, instead, they need to buy the Spirit Covenant for all of its benefits.


Interested in the revamped VIP and Spirit Covenant? Try them out today!