Kitten Club Introduction

2016-06-29 22:24:58


The amount of gear is increasing as the world of Balenor develops. More Gold is needed to enchant and holy forge the new gear. Thus, Kitten Club is built to replace Alchemy. Players can earn tons of Gold with only a little time and effort.

Read on to learn more about Kitten Club.


 After the Farm unlocks at Lvl. 12, players can find the Kitten Club in the Homestead in the Cloud City.

Wartune - The action begins with the first click!

Image 1

Upon entering the Kitten Club, players will see 5 spots to place decor. There are 5 different kinds of decor: Furniture, Cushion, Cat Teaser, Ball and Box. Each spot can accomodate one kind of decor.

Image 2

Every decor has 5 quality types: Humble, Common, Nice, Fair and Luxury. Humble decor can be bought with Gold. Players may exchange required items for decor of various qualities. When players don't have enough required items, they may spend a few Balens to offset the insufficiency. As Image 3 shows, higher quality decor requires more time to produce Gold and will have a better yield. Decor may attract kittens to play on it, which will result in bonus income. Bonus income includes Hemp Rope, Plank, Flannel, Newspaper, Cotton, Catnip which can be used to exchange for better decor.

Wartune - The action begins with the first click!