Smelt Equipment

2016-06-29 22:19:36


Warriors can never be too powerful. Therefore, here is a new way for you to further improve yourself: Equipment Smelting. Smelt your equipment to boost their extra attributes! Can't seem to beat your current enemies? Try smelting your equipment and show them who's BOSS!

1.1 [Feature Info]

1、Unlock Level: Unlocks after players are knighted.

2、This feature is similar to Soul Engraving. Players can use Smelting Stones to upgrade their equipment's smelt level, increasing equipment's attribute bonuses by a certain percent. The higher the smelt level, the more attribute bonuses. (Halidom and Artifact can get a smelting bonus, but Insignia and Wedding Rings cannot.)

3、Equipment Attribute Bonus: Increases current equipment's overall extra attributes (Enchant/Holy Fore/Gem/Soul Engraving/Refining Attributes) by a certain percent.

1.2 [Entry]

Players can find the [Smelt Equipment] (green gem-like icon) feature under the Fate Guardian icon.

Wartune - The action begins with the first click!


1.3 [Main Panel]

Players will see current smelting bonuses and smelting bonuses for the next level in the main panel.

Wartune - The action begins with the first click!


1.4 [Equipment Tips]

Players can see smelting bonuses (the number in blue) beside the Enchant, Holy Forge, Gem, Soul Engraving and Refining bonuses.

Wartune - The action begins with the first click!


1.5 [Output]

Players can exchange Outland Crystals for Smelting Stones in the Outland Shop. Please check the Outland Shop for details.