Clothing System

2016-04-13 21:44:01

Modifications to Clothing Attributes

1.One piece of clothing will no longer offer an attribute bonus. Only identified attributes will be kept.

2.There is only an attribute bonus added to the whole clothing system. Attribute bonuses can be increased by engulfing clothing.

Wartune - Strategy Hybrid MMORPG released by Ngames Ltd.


Clothing Identification

When refining a piece of clothing, stars will only increase. Identifying clothing is guaranteed to succeed.

Wartune - Strategy Hybrid MMORPG released by Ngames Ltd.


Modifications to Clothing Synthesis

1.Clothing Synthesis has been renamed "Clothing Engulf."

2.Players may engulf Clothing, Fashion Cores and Good Luck Charms to upgrade their Clothing System.

3.Clothing players obtained from previous versions can be engulfed to increase clothing attributes. The higher the level of the engulfed clothing, the more attribute bonuses the new Clothing System will get. Attribute bonuses obtained by engulfing clothing will not be less than that obtained by upgrading clothing in the old Clothing System.

Wartune - Strategy Hybrid MMORPG released by Ngames Ltd.

4.Upgrading the Clothing System will increase total attribute bonuses for the system. Starting at Lvl. 10, players will randomly obtain clothing for every 5 levels upgraded.


Clothing Shop Modifications

1.Players can no longer try on clothing in the Shop or event panels.