Titan Temple

2013-03-14 21:23:30

1. Entry Requirement

Only players who have been knighted may enter.


2. Titan Temple

The new continent can be found at the bottom of the Outlands map. Click to enter Titan City and select a Titan Temple to join.


3. Titan Temple Gameplay

3.1 Gameplay Info

Titan Temple uses a 1v4 battle mode (1 character vs 4 mirror images). Opponents are mirror images randomly picked from the Top 100 on the Cross-Server BR Rankings. There will be 5 groups of opponents, each a group of 4 people. Players need to defeat their opponents one by one. Players can pass a certain level when they defeat all opponents for the level. If a player is defeated, the opponent's HP will not recover and the player can continue to challenge. When the player defeats 5 levels of opponents, s/he will be sent back to the first floor and every opponent level will refresh.


3.2 Challenge Attempt

Each time Titan Temple is challenged an attempt will be deducted. Players may challenge the Titan Temple 8 times for free every day and may spend 100 Balens (Bound Balens excluded) to buy an extra attempt, up to 10 purchases every day.


3.3 Titan Blessing

Players will receive a blessing buff that only works in Titan Temple. The power of the buff is dependent on the number of Titans players own. Players need to fulfill certain requirements to activate various buffs that can be used in the challenge.


3.4 Titan Field

In addition to Titan Blessings, players can also improve their power with the help of the skills in the Titan Field.

Pristine Force: Resets own Titan's skills. CD: 180 seconds

Titan Wrath: Instantly kill an enemy. CD: 180 seconds

Titan Heart: Reflect 25% damage for 3 turns, up to 10 times. CD: 180 seconds

Players may use each of the 3 skills 3 times a day. When free attempts are used up, Bound Balens can be used to buy extra attempts. There's no purchase limit for the skills, but each skill can only store up to 5.


3.5 Challenge Rewards

Each time players pass a level, they will receive corresponding rewards.

Level 1: Animation Stone x5, Charge Fragment x15

Level 2: Animation Stone x5, Charge Fragment x15

Level 3: Animation Stone x10, Charge Fragment x30

Level 4: Animation Stone x10, Charge Fragment x30

Level 5: Animation Stone x15, Charge Fragment x6