Titan Animation & Charge

2013-03-14 21:21:55


Have you been fretting over how to get powerful Titan skills since being knighted? Now's the time to do just that! Animate Titan stats to activate Titans, their skills, and charge resistances to improve them. True Titan power is beyond your wildest imagination!



Click the Animate & Charge icon on the Titan panel to access.

[Unlock Requirement]

This feature unlocks at the same time as the Titan System after a player gets knighted.


[Gameplay Info]

Titan Animation

1. Info

Titan Animation is an essential method for obtaining Titan Skills. Players can use Animation Stones to obtain new Titan Skills. Once all Titan Skills have been activated they can then continue animation to increase charge level cap.

2. Main Panel

3. Details

[First Animation]

Object: Any unactivated Titan Skill

Material: Animation Stone

Animate Procedure:

a) Select an object.

b) Unactivated Titan skills' animation progress is independent from one another. Players may choose to animate any of the skills.

c) Players can use the required number of Animation Stones to activate a slot and receive part of the Titan skill stats. There are 10 slots in total. More Animation Stones will be needed and success rates will lower as progress advances. Players can check corresponding info under the progress bar.

d) When all slots are activated, players will get the corresponding Titan Skill and its attributes.

Note: For the First Animation, if players obtain a Titan Card from another way, then the used Animation Stones will be returned to them

[Further Animation]

Activate all Titan skills to continue animating Titans.

Condition: All Titan skills have been activated.

Material: Animation Stone

Animate Procedure:

a) Players need to spend the required amount of Animation Stones to activate the slots. Activating one slot will increase the charge level cap.

b) Further Animation has limited attempts.

c) When all slots are activated, players will receive 30 Titan Stones. The next animation will be unlocked.

4. Animation Stone Source:

The Outlands - Titan City - Titan Temple


Titan Charge

1. Info

A system that consumes Charge Fragments to improve resistances

2. Main Panel:

3. Charge Info & Rules


a) Use Charge Fragments to improve any Resistance or Eudaemon RES Reduction.

b) Charge 1 time to receive 10 EXP. Charge level will advance 1 level when EXP is full and the EXP bar will then be reset.

Note: Higher levels require more EXP.


a) There's an initial level cap for charge.

b) Charge cap level is determined by the number of Titan skills and continued Animation attempts.

c) Hover the mouse over Resistance/Eudaemon RES Reduction Essence to see charge level and current charge level cap.

Note: Level difference between the highest and the lowest level resistance cannot be more than 20. If the highest resistance level - the lowest resistance level = 20, the highest level resistance cannot be further upgraded.


4. Charge Fragment Source

The Outlands - Titans - Titan Temple