Road to Glory

2013-03-14 21:20:32

Ever since the creation of the Yarama Empire, great knights including Sardon have been tirelessly guarding the empire. For them, this is the road to glory...


I. Road to Glory Info

Road to Glory is the latest non-real time PvP system set to replace the old solo arena. This new system not only offers more interesting gameplay but better rewards. With the ability to skip easy stages, this system frees players from the redundancy of routine.


II. Road to Glory Gameplay Info

1. Requirement: Road to Glory is available all day and resets daily at 00:00. Players must be Lvl. 16+ to join the event.

2. Talk to Elise in Cloud City and select Road to Glory to enter the event panel.

Players may also enter the game through the shortcut on the left side of the game screen.

3. Rules

1) Players may complete up to 15 stages each day. They will fight one opponent on each stage. Stages become harder as players advance.

2) Players will have to defeat their opponents to receive rewards and advance to the next level. Completed stages cannot be challenged again until they are reset the next day.

3) Once the challenge starts, players will not be able to change the Eudaemon they've decided on.

4) Character and Eudaemon HP won't recover during the event. When the Eudaemon is dead, players may use Bound Balens to revive it. When the character is dead, players can only use unbound Balens to revive themselves.

5) There are 3 difficulties for each stage. Players may choose Normal, Nightmare and Hell modes. Higher difficulties offer better rewards.

4. Challenge Rewards

Players will be instantly awarded Clearance Points, Glory Points and Buff Stars for every stage completed. Odd number stages (1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15) offer an extra clearance chest which can be opened for Gold, Daru and Glory Points. Even number stages (2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14) offer an attempt to buy random buffs:

5. Skip Stages

1) When the sixth stage has been completed, players may skip the previous stages the next time the event is reset. The number of stages players can skip is "last time's best recorded stage - 2". Rewards for skipped stages ire based on the highest difficulty.

2) If players meet the conditions to skip stages when they click the first stage, there will be a pop-up to remind them. If players click "Yes", they will skip the previous stages and receive corresponding rewards. If players choose "No", they will enter battle on the first stage.


III. Buff Star, Clearance Point and Glory Point

Players receive Buff Stars, Clearance Points and Glory Points during the challenge. These items may be used in the following ways:


1. Buff Stars

Buff Star is one of the clearance rewards. The number of stars players receive depends on the difficulty of the stage. Stars reset at 00:00 every day. Buff Stars can be used to purchase stage buffs. See picture:

4 buffs will randomly appear every time. Players can use Buff Stars for these items.


2. Clearance Points

Clearance Points are one of the rewards for completing a stage. Stage difficulty and level decide the number of Clearance Points players receive. Clearance Points can be accumulated over time (will not reset) and used to exchange for Mount Training Whips and Glory Points in the "Point Reward" panel. Each reward level can only be collected once.

3. Glory Points

Obtained from completing stages and opening chests, Glory Points can be accumulated over time (will not reset). The amount of Glory Points players receive is related to the difficulty of the stages.

Glory Points can be exchanged for items in the Glory Shop. See picture below: