Magic Square

2013-03-14 21:15:31

1. Prologue

Taking over the previous Tower of Kings dungeon, Magic Square will require greater communication between players as well as tact and strategy. The better you work together the greater your rewards.


2. Entry

Hall of Heroes - Event Dungeon - Magic Square

3. Unlock Requirement

a. Requires a party of 1-4 members

b. Level ≥ Lvl. 38

c. Open all day. There is no participation limit, but each player only gets one reward attempt per week.


4. Gameplay Info

a. The large square consists of 25 small squares with one monster on each square. Defeat the monsters in a square to light it up. Light up 4 squares in a line (horizontal, vertical or diagonal) and the monsters will refresh.

b. Each square awards 100 base points. Eliminate an extra square besides the 4 in a line to get 25 extra points for each extra square. Every time a monster advances 1 level, an extra 15 points can be gained for removing the monster in the square.

c. When the monsters in a line are defeated, new monsters will refresh that are more difficult to defeat.

d. Dungeon items and chests will randomly refresh on the squares. Remove the squares with items or chests to receive them. Dungeon items are kept in the item bar and the team lead may choose which one to use. Chests will be sent to you when the event is over.

e. Dungeon Items:

Fire Power: Increases damage dealt by all party members by 100%. Lasts 1 minute.

Water Power: Points earned increase by 50%. Lasts 1 minute.

Wind Power: +400 points

f. Item and Chest Refreshing

After the event starts, 1 item or chest will randomly appear on a square every 60 seconds. There is 60% chance for an item to appear and 40% for a chest to appear. Each square can only hold one item. Lit squares and squares that have triggered battle will not have items on them.


5. Notes

5.1 Event Duration and Reward

a. Event lasts 15 minutes.

b. Rewards are divided into 5 levels based on points. All level rewards (including chests and EXP) will be sent after the event ends.

c. You will not receive any reward if you quit midway. If you're disconnected from the server while in the event and do not re-login within a fair amount of time you will not receive any reward.

5.2 Quitting/Ending the Event

a. When the event dungeon ends, you'll return to Cloud City.

b. If you quit halfway through, you'll return to Cloud City.

c. If you're disconnected from server while in the event, you will return to the event screen if you re-login. If you do not connect to the server before the event is over, you'll return to Cloud City the next time you log in.