Imperial War

2013-03-14 21:15:04


Two armies confront each other, the conflict intensifies. Flags are raised, fluttering in the wind. A horn sounds, drums ring out in eerie rhythm. A great war is brewing...

New Guild battle - Imperial War is about to begin. Take up your weapons and brace yourselves for all that awaits! Join and win, it's as simple as that.



1. The event is on a quarterly basis. Each session lasts for a quarter year (ie: January - March, April - June, July - September, October - December). The Imperial War takes place once a week. Season ranking rewards will be settled during the last week of March, June, September and December. Points and rankings will reset after settlement.

2. Imperial War unlocks every Saturday from 20:00 to 21:00. Once a guild reaches 15,000 points the war will end early.

3. Since the guild battle occurs on Saturday, the Guild Leader (and only the Guild Leader) can enroll the guild between Sunday and Friday. After signing up, the Guild Leader will not need to sign up again until the season ends. Signing up costs 1M Guild Wealth.


4. Matching Rules

① For the first round, the system will randomly match all guilds.

② For following rounds, guilds will be matched based on 3 conditions (matching priority from high to low: winning rounds - points total - Guild Battle Rating).


5. Imperial War Rankings: All participating guilds have 0 points at the beginning of the season. Guilds will be ranked according to the result of each round (ranking priority from high to low: winning rounds - points total - Guild Battle Rating).


6. Victory & Failure

① During set time, as long as a guild reaches 15,000 points the war ends.

② When time runs out, if no guild can reach the required amount of points, then the guild with more points wins.


7. Point Earning

Higher quality posts award more. Players can hover their mouse over the post to view corresponding reward info.

① Guilds will be awarded with large quantities of points the first time they occupy a post.

② Guilds will receive points for continuously occupying a post.

③ After occupying a post, players can search the post for treasure. Hunting treasure in the post yields Yarama Coins and points.


8. Reward Each Round:

① Every time the guild battle ends, Yarama Coins will be distributed based on victory and failure.

② Yarama Coins may be obtained by treasure hunting in the post.

Yarama Coins: Used to exchange for various materials (such as holy forge materials, mount cards, Mount Training Whips and Mahra).

Yarama Coins will not be reset and can accumulate over time.


9. Bye-battles

For each season, if the number of registered guilds is an odd, when the first round starts, there will be no enemy for the guild with lowest Battle Rating. For following battles, the last ranked guild will have no enemy. The guild with no enemy wins automatically but with only 75% of regular rewards and a guaranteed 10,000 points.


[Gameplay Info]

A. Players can click the event icon  on top of the game screen to enter the Imperial War, check qualifications for participation, or exchange for rewards.

B. The Imperial War Panel:


As shown in picture:


C. Enter the Imperial War Panel



1) Players have 5 minutes to prepare before the event starts. The map displays for full-screen and the Spawn Points can be found on each side of the map. (See ④ and ⑤ in the picture.)


2. Imperial Post: There are a total of 35 posts. Occupy The Imperial City for double point rewards. There are 5 post quality: Copper, Silver, Gold, Diamond and The Imperial City. (As shown in the picture: Posts on line 1 are Copper quality; line 2 Silver; line 3 Gold; line 4 Diamond; line 4 The Imperial City.)

Players can only move Up, Down, Left, or Right to occupy the posts. Each post can hold up to 4 players. Players may move on their own. When a player leaves a post, the post will be vacated and members from the guild may enter to keep the post. Players can click the post the view the occupier of the post.


3. Post Battle: Players that are close to the enemy post can launch attacks and enter battle. Nearby teammates may come to help. Up to 8 players may contend for a post (4v4 battle).The ownership of a post is dependent on the battle result.


4. Victory & Failure

If the attacking party wins, surviving players can enter the post to occupy it; dead players return to the Spawn Point and their Energy increases to 100; if the attacking party fails, the defending party can keep the post. Dead players return to the Spawn Point and their Energy increases to 100. The bonus Energy will add to the original amount, up to 500. (If the system distributes Energy to a player before s/he dies, and total Energy has already reached 500, then Energy for the player won't increase after death.)

Players can attack a post adjacent to their own. To respond, players nearby may attack or defend. Battle will not be triggered for teammates who are also on the attacker's post, but they can join the battle if they want.


5. Other Imperial War Features:

① Stands for Guild Energy this round. Every Guild has 500 Energy at the beginning. Each action costs 100 Energy. 300 Energy will recover for the after 30 minutes, 400 - 40 minutes later and 500 - 50 minutes later. (Hover the mouse over the Energy to view details.)

Energy can be purchased using Balens (Click "+" to buy). There's no purchase limit for Energy.


② Character Inspiration: Players can click the icon and spend a few Balens to use this feature. Character Inspiration will boost all stats for the character. Character Inspiration bonuses can be up to 50% and stack with Post Inspiration. Inspiring effects last until the end of battle.


③ Post Inspiration: Players can click the icon and spend a few Balens to use this feature. Teammates will have all stats increased as long as they occupy the post. Character Inspiration bonus can be up to 50% and stack with Character Inspiration. The inspiring effects will vanish once the post is occupied by enemies.There is Inspiration cooldown. Players can inspire every 5 minutes. Character Inspiration and Post Inspiration will both trigger cooldowns.


④ When the Treasure Hunt Cooldown is over, players can hunt for treasure in the post they occupy. Right after finishing a treasure hunt, players will receive Yarama Coins and points according to the post quality. Successfully occupying an enemy's post will reduce own party's Treasure Hunt Cooldown by 60 seconds. Winning a battle will reduce own party's Treasure Hunt Cooldown by 30 seconds. Only surviving players who have won will have their Treasure Hunt Cooldown reduced, dead players won't. For a whole event round, each player may have their Treasure Hunt Cooldown reduced by 20 minutes at most.


⑤ Imperial War Skills:

Ultra Speed: Move to any post once despite distance. Restriction: Post must be unoccupied.

Disturb: Increases a random enemy's Treasure Hunt cooldown by 60 seconds.

Sudden Strike: Attacks any post despite distance. Restriction: The user must occupy a post first.

The 3 skills are free the first time players use them. If players want to use them more than once, they will need to click "+" on the skill icon and use Balens to purchase attempts.

④ and ⑤ are Spawn Points, corresponding guild names will be marked.

⑥ shows the number of players each party has, point progress, and the number of posts each party occupies.