Athena’s War

2013-03-14 21:13:52


Multiple forces emerged and war broke out. There seems to be no end... During the battle to protect Athena, warriors of Sky Trail started their journey to create their own legend. Who will stand out amongst the chaos?


[Event Entry]

Click the event icon on top of the screen to enter.


[Sign Up Rules & Matches]

1. Sign-up Requirement: Players must be Lvl. 40 in order to join the event.

2. Sign-up Fee: 1M Gold

3. Sign-up Phase: Duration between 1 week before the next season starts and one week before the season ends. Sign-up is forbidden 10 minutes before the event starts.

4. One Season lasts 3 months.

5. Match Schedule: During a season, matches occur every Saturday during a fixed hour.



6. Rounds: Every match consists of 10 battle rounds. There are a total of 120 (12 x 10) rounds a season.


Gameplay Info

1. Players who have signed up can party up to create a team of 2-4 members. Players can join other players' parties or create their own parties and invite other players to join. Only the team lead can dismiss a teammate from a party.

2. Party: Each party can be divided into up to 3 small parties. Each small party should have at least 1 member with up to 3 members.

3. Party Rights: The party lead has the right to operate the party. Each party should have at least 2 small parties. Each small parties will receive 1 beneficial skill from the system. The party lead can assign members to a specific small party.


4. Inspire Bonus: Each player has 3 attempts to use Balens to boost their beneficial skill during a round. Beneficial skills can only be boosted up to Lvl. 10. There are 3 kinds of beneficial skills:

1) Survival Boost: Increases HP by a certain percentage.

2) Damage Boost: Increases damage by a certain percentage.

3) Special: Increases Rage and Awakening points by a certain percentage.


5. Inspire Boost: Each Inspiration costs 300 Balens and will boost a beneficial skill by a certain percentage. Inspiring bonuses only manifest in the next battle.



6. Battle Mode: Party 1 VS Party 1; Party 2 VS Party 2; Party 3 VS Party 3

7. Battle Duration: Each battle lasts 5 minutes (4 minutes for battle and 1 minute for matching). Parties that have ended battle early will enter the matching phase earlier.

8. Victory & Failure: More than 2 small parties win, the whole party wins, or vice versa.

9. No Enemy: If a small party does not have an enemy during a round, the small party automatically wins. If no member of a small party joins the round, the small party fails.


Point Calculation & Ranking

1. Base Point Each Battle:

Base Point Reward:

1) Victory: 40 points

2) Failure: 10 points


2. Actual Points:

1) Victory Points = Victory Base Point x (Win Streak Modification + Monthly Modification)

2) Win Streak Modification: For every round won, the party will receive an extra 0.1x points next round. The multiplicator can stack up to 10 rounds.

Win Streak Modification works for the whole party. When a member leaves for another party, it will not affect the party's win streak modification. When the party leader leaves the party, the party's modification will be taken over by the next party leader (still in effect). When a party is disbanded (only 1 player is left), the effect will expire.

3) Monthly Modification: Players who join in the first month of a season will get 1x points; the second month 1.5x points; the third month 2x points.


3. Personal Point Rankings

Top 40 players in Point Rankings can be seen on the sign-up panel. Rankings update weekly. Players will be divided into 6 different tiers based on points.

Beginner: All players are beginners at the very beginning.

Junior: Players with 1000+ points

Senior: Players with 2000+ points

Expert: Players with 3500+ points

Master: Players with 5000+ points

Grand Master: Players with 7000+ points


[Matching Rules]


1. Players across all servers will be matched based on party points.

2. Party Point = Points owned by the member who has the most points.

3. Party BR = BR for the member with the highest Battle Rating.

4. In the actual matching process, parties with closest points will be first matched.

5. If parties' points are close, parties with closer BRs will be matched first.

6. To ensure fairness, top 20 players on the Point Rankings will be matched with each other randomly.


[Point Settlement]

Settlement includes Round Settlement and Monthly Settlement:

1) Round Settlement:

When the 10 battles for a round end, players will be awarded with Athena’s Tear based on the day's points. The amount of Athena’s Tear players receive is equal to the amount of points they earn.

2) Monthly Settlement

Settlement will be done when the last battle of the month ends. Settlement is based on points. Reward Athena’s Tear players receive = Monthly Point Increase x Tier Addition

Monthly Point Increase = (This Month's Points - Last Month's Points)


3) Tier Addition for different tiers:

Beginner: 0

Junior: 1

Senior: 1.2

Expert: 1.4

Master: 1.6

Grand Master: 2