Astral Elevation

2013-03-14 21:13:01

Have you already maxed out your Astrals and wish you could do more? Now you can by elevating your Astrals to further improve their attributes.


1. Astral Elevation Unlock Condition

Only players that have finished class advancement may use this system.


2. Astral Elevation Panel Info


An Astral Elevation icon can be found in the middle of the Astral panel. Click the icon and the following panel will appear:


Astrals that can be elevated will appear in the slots in the image. Astrals that do not meet elevation conditions will not be shown in the panel.


3. Astral Elevation Condition

Before Astrals can be elevated, Astral Level should be 10+ and quality should be Red. Except for Charisma Astrals, other Astrals that meet the conditions can all be elevated after they're activated.


4. Astral Elevation Material

Star Dust: Earned from Road to Glory and other events.


5. Astral Elevation Effect

Astral Elevation consumes Star Dust to upgrade Elevation EXP and Elevation level so that the Astral's attributes can greatly improve. As the following image shows, higher levels require more Star Dust to upgrade.