Ares War

2013-03-14 21:12:12

[Prologue] Patch 6.3 replaces Class Wars with a new PvP battle - Ares War. Use your wit, experience and skills wisely to defeat your opponents!


[Entry] The event icon at the top of the screen, where Class Wars used to be.


[Sign Up Requirements]

1. Entry: Players can click the Ares War icon to open the panel and sign up.

2. Sign-up Requirement: Players Lvl. 36+ can join the event.

3. Sign-up Fee: 1M Gold

4. Sign-up Time: Duration between the end the event and the start of the next. Players cannot sign up while the event is underway.


[Gameplay Info] (multiple images)

1. When Lvl. 36+ players first click the Ares War, they can see the images of the Top 3 winners (see pic below). Players can then click the Sign Up icon and use 1M Gold to sign up.



2. After signing up, players will enter the main Area War panel (see pic below). This panel displays information such as: Server Top 50, My Points, Ranking Reward, Ares Shop and Event Start Time.




3. When the event is open, players can click "Start" to prepare for battle. During preparation, players can adjust their status and use various scrolls and potions.


On the left of the screen, players can see the top 20 players for their tier. Players can click the [icon] to see players from other tiers. There are 6 tiers in total (high to low): Titan - Legend - Master - Expert - Pro - Novice.


To the right, players can see their points and remaining rounds. They can also select their skills (see pic below).


Skill Info: On the matching screen, players can see the 3 random skills they receive. Players can use these 3 skills in the following 15 rounds (each skill can be used once during each round). If players are not satisfied with the skills, they may click "Change" to receive another 3 random skills. However Balens are required for changing skills.



4.When players enter battle, they can use their wisdom and skills to conquer opponents... (Solo PvP mode, can take sub Eudaemons into battle.)



5. When a battle ends, players can view battle results, season points, win streaks and final points for the round (see pic below). Once all 15 battles are over, Apollo's Might, which can be exchanged for items in the Ares Shop, will be sent based on player tier. Higher tiers receive more Apollo's Might!



[Match Time]


1. Match Time:

A. Season: Event Season is based on real months. For example, the first season starts the first day of January and ends on the last day of March. (April - June; July - September; October - December.)

B. Matches take place on a certain day or days a week. Event time is 20:00 - 21:00. Matches only occur once a day.



Mars' Asylum: Ignores damage received for 1 turn.

Guardian Shield: Decreases damage received by 50% for 2 turns.

Arcane Competence: Removes cooldown for the next active skill. Lasts 1 turn.

Mars’ Will: Own Awakening points +2000.

Awakening Trauma: Enemies Awakening points -2000.

Mars’ Wrath: Increases own Rage by 80.

Rage Strike: Reduces enemies' Rage by 80.

Mars’ Armor: Increases the entire party's overall resistance by 200%, lasts 3 turns.

Mars’ Force: Increases damage for entire party by 200%, lasts 3 turns.

Cold Killer: Decreases the target’s received healing by 75%, lasts 2 turns.

HP Reflux: Instantly restores 50% HP.

Haunt: Removes one positive buff from all enemies.

Purification: Removes 1 negative buff from all teammates.


[Item Source]

1. Rewards will be sent based on players' tiers. Players of the same tier receive the same amount of items.

2. Players are rewarded with Apollo's Might which can be exchanged for items in the Ares Shop.

3. Players will not receive any reward if their points are lower than 200.

4. Apollo's Might will not be reset and will not expire.

[Matching Rules]

1. Players who have entered the event and have the closest points will be matched together.

2. Players from the same tier will be matched first.

3. When a player is the only person in their tier, the player will be matched with the top player from the lower tier or the last-ranked player from the higher tier.


[Points & Group Rules]


A. Points will reset once a season (3 months) ends.

B. When all 15 rounds for the day end and results are settled. Players' points will be deducted gradually (dependent on if the player has joined the day's event or not). Players with less than 200 points will not sustain this deduction.



Novice Arena: 0 - 1199

Pro Arena: 1200 - 3199

Expert Arena: 3200 - 5199

Master Arena: 5200 - 7199

Legend Arena: 7200- 9999

Titan Arena: 10000+



A. Only the top 20 from each tier will be displayed on the ranking list. The player with the highest BR will be ranked first if two or more players have the same points.

B. Rankings will be refreshed after each round. Rankings are based on points.