Eudaemon War

2017-08-24 21:31:26


Peace became a word of the past when the Demon King awoke from slumber with a ferocity and evil power few have seen.  Eudaemons have been training diligently for this very moment and now is the time to put that training into practice!


[Event Entry]

Cloud City - Hall of Heroes - Weekly Dungeon - Eudaemon War


[Unlock Requirement]

Eudaemon War unlocks at Lvl. 70. Entering this weekly dungeon requires at least 2 players. The dungeon can be entered as many times as you want, but you will only receive rewards once a week.


[Panel Introduction]

① Participation Requirement: Character Lvl. 70-80

② The room creator is the default lead (ownership may be transferred to other players); select weekly dungeon and then Eudaemon War to enter.

③ Deployed Eudaemons and Eudaemon skills can be adjusted in the prep panel. All party members should be ready before the captain starts the dungeon. You should have a main Eudamon that is deployed before clicking the "Ready" button.

④ The lead can adjust the dungeon difficulty. There are 3 difficulties: Normal, Nightmare and Hell. Normal dungeons must be passed before unlocking nightmare dungeons, and nightmare dungeons must be passed before unlocking hell dungeons. When someone in the party is not eligible for the difficulty, the message "Someone cannot join a dungeon of this difficulty" will pop up when the lead tries to enter the dungeon.

⑤ Dungeon drops and rewards: You can enter the dungeon as many times as you want, but you will only receive rewards once a week. The number and difficulty of the mobs in these dungeons is not the same so the drops also vary.


[Gameplay Info]

There are 5 levels in the dungeon. There are 2 mini BOSSes in the first 4 levels (①); the final BOSS is on the 5th level. Players can pass the dungeon by defeating the final BOSS. On the first 4 levels, 2 mini BOSSes appear with a teleportation gate between the 2 BOSSes. After defeating one of the mini BOSSes, players may teleport to the next level or continue to fight the remaining BOSS on the level. The final BOSS will carry a set of beneficial buffs (③). The number of buffs the BOSS carries and the final BOSS reward will be reduced as more mini BOSSes are killed (②). If players only kill 1 mini BOSS on each level, the number of buffs the final BOSS carries will be maxed. In this case, the final BOSS is much harder to deal with, but rewards will be greater (②).

a) Eudaemon inherits player's attributes during battle.

b) Eudaemon has 5 active skills to use. When awakening blessing is full, the Eudaemon can awaken.

How it looks when the teleportation gate is open:

Final BOSS:

How it looks when the final BOSS' buffs and rewards are reduced:


Extra Final BOSS Reward: Will Gear

Normal Difficulty: Turquoise, Smooth Stone, Blood of Zeus

Nightmare Difficulty: Red Copper, Well Refined Stone, Blood of Zeus

Hell Difficulty: Golden Sand, Dragon Blood Stone, Blood of Zeus