Overall Optimizations

2017-08-24 21:20:09

I.Revamped Henna Lab

1.Each player has 3 Henna Labs by default. These labs will not disappear. A Henna Lab requires 3 hours to produce Henna. Within 1 hour after the Henna is "mature," the Lab will still produce Henna but will stop producing Henna after that hour.

2.Henna Lab is rated by level. Level will affect Henna production. Players can raid other players to upgrade their Henna Labs.

3.There will be a 30-minute CD after each raid. VIP players will not have raid cooldown.

4.Only 50% of resources in each Henna Lab can be raided. Advanced Henna is exempt from raids.


II.Revamped Sylph Arena

1.The system will offer 5 opposing teams for players to choose from based on points. Challenging opponents with more points grants more points after a victory. The opponent list will automatically refresh after a challenge.

2.Point bonuses have been added. The system will distribute corresponding point bonuses for the 6 attributes: Fire, Electro, Wind, Water, Light and Dark. Players will receive point bonuses based on the deployed Sylphs' attributes in every battle.

3.Required points for different tiers have been adjusted. Adv. Sepulcrum and Fusion Spirit Shard have been added to Sylph Arena Ranking rewards.



1.Players can now preview profiles for Willpower they haven't unlocked. They can see a Willpower's appearance, skills and attributes when it's at max level.


2.New Willpower Awakening: Awaken Willpowers during battle to activate Awakening Skills (passive) and gain deployed Sylphs’ bonus attributes. The higher the awakening level, the higher the awakening skills level and the better bonus attributes obtained.

3.Awakening skill details:


Awakening Skill


Void Emissary

Battle Rage

Increases damage dealt by party.

Angel of Light

Thunder Fury

Adds Delphic Skill crit rate and own crit damage.

Sea Witch

Running Waters

Chance to generate a shield that can absorb damage for a targeted party member.

Death Specter


Chance to decrease targets’ crit/block rates.

Eagle Warrior

Immortal Force

Chance to recover a certain percent of own HP.



1.Added 5 Titan skill slots which can be unlocked using Titan Slot Shards. Players can equip up to 10 Titan skills during battle.

2.Added 2 skill orders, players can spend Balens to unlock new skill orders. 5 active Titan slots are granted once a skill order has been unlocked, the remaining 5 slots can be activated using Titan Slot Shards.


V.Other Optimizations:

1.Added an Artifact Preview function so players can check others’ Artifact info.

2.Optimized system loading speed.

3.Time Vault has been added to Guild Vault. When Guild reaches level 10, the Guild Master can use a certain amount of Guild Wealth to open a Time Vault.

4.Basic Talent Stone has been added to Supreme Royal's Chest and Supreme Noble's Chest. Lvl. 65+ players can complete Circuit Quests to earn the two chests.

5.Wedding Ring level cap has been raised from level 29 to 45.

6.Added 10 Sky Trial levels.

7.Added a new item, Exploratory Power, which can be used to obtain 100 Outland Exploration Points.

8.In Rave, Guild Cross-Server Points and Server Cross-Server Points will be displayed respectively on two different pages.

9.Optimized a few icons. Game Box has been moved to Cloud City, under the care of the new NPC Lycus.