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Dreamland is located in an unknown part of space. Explore this unique world to earn resources!



1. Unlock Level: Unlocks after Lvl. 10

2. Dreamland can be accessed from the event icon on top of the screen.


[Gameplay Info]

1. Levels: The main panel (image below) will be seen upon entering Dreamland. There are a total of # positions on each level. Click each position to remove the fog and find a teleportation gate. When a teleportation gate is discovered, you can enter the next level to explore. (You will not be able to return once you enter the next level.) There are 29 Dreamland levels. Reset CD is 24 hours.


2. Holy STA = 40 + (Battle Rating/2000000). Holy STA required to kill a mob is equal to the mob's HP. You may discover the following while exploring:

1) Chest: A rare chest containing Secret Medals.

2) Random mobs: Kill these mobs for Secret Medals.

3) Holy STA Pack: Pick up to recover some Holy STA.

4) Teleportation Gate: There is a teleportation gate on each Dreamland level. You can enter the next level through the gate (You will not be able to return once you enter the next level).

5) Trap: If you trigger a trap during the exploration, a giant rock will fall and remove some of your Holy STA.


3. Dreamland Skill Slots: There are 2 skill slots beside the Holy STA bar. You may pick up magic cards while exploring, these cards will be placed in the skill slots automatically. You can only have up to 2 magic cards at the same time (the 2 cards can be identical). When the slots are full, you need to abandon an existing magic card before you can pick up another one. A magic card will disappear after you abandon it and will no longer work. Magic cards are divided into active and passive skills:

1) Active Skills: After an active magic card is used, the corresponding active skill immediately takes effect and the magic card will disappear.

2) Passive Skills: After a passive magic card is used, the corresponding passive skill immediately takes effect. The skill effects will disappear if the magic card is abandoned.

4. Speed Up

1) Click the speed-up icon to the right of the CD to enter the speed-up panel.

2) You may use items to speed up the CD.

3) Click the right or left arrow to increase or reduce quantity. Used quantity = the number of a single batch (100, 300, 1000, 3000) x variable number.

4) Speed-up time = variable number x time sped up with a single batch

5) Remaining CD = Current CD - Speed-up time

[Dreamland Shop]

Secret Medals obtained during exploration can be exchanged for Clothing Refinement Stones in the Dreamland Shop.