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In order to surpass their current limits, ancient Eudaemons found a new way of upgrading - Willpower.



Click the Willpower icon above the Eudaemon icon to open the system.


[Unlock Requirement]

Unlocks after class is knighted.


[Gameplay Info]

Willpower has its own growth and skill system.

Willpower masters can only be set as a main battle unit (instead of a sub battle unit).


1. Eudaemon Synthesis

1) You can select the required Eudaemons to synthesize a Willpower master in the Willpower panel. Both Eudaemons should be Lvl. 10 or above, and not deployed for battle. You should have more than 2 Eudaemons of the identical type if you want to use a Eudaemon in synthesis. For example, if you want to synthesize Angel of Light, you need to have 2 or more Sanctuary Hunters and Scourge Mages with at least one of the Sanctuary Hunters and one of the Scourge Mages Lvl. 10+. Plus, you must set a main and sub Eudaemon during synthesis. In the Angel of Light synthesis example, you can set the Lvl. 10+ Sanctuary Hunter or Lvl. 10+ Scourge Mage as the main Eudaemon.

2) During synthesis, only materials (from upgrade, enchant, refining and socketing) used by the sub Eudaemon's equipment will be returned. Returned materials are based on current equipment level. Following synthesis, Willpower will inherit the main Eudaemon's equipment. Meanwhile, the number of items consumed by the two Eudaemons for upgrade, resistance, and war emblem will count towards the materials Willpower has used.

Returned Materials:

During Willpower synthesis, only materials used by the sub Eudaemon's equipment will be returned:

1) Enchant materials are returned based on the sub Eudaemon's equipment during Willpower synthesis. Materials are returned under the assumption that every time the Eudaemon equipment was enchanted it was 100% successful.

2) Upgrade materials are returned based on upgrade materials used by the sub Eudaemon's equipment.

3) Refining materials are returned based on a certain percent of the number of attributes and stars obtained refining the sub Eudaemon's equipment.

4) Gems socketed in the sub Eudaemon's equipment will be returned.


2. Eudaemon Skill

After synthesis, skills (active, passive and delphic skills) from both the main Eudaemon and sub Eudaemon will be kept, but cannot be used in battle. Only Willpower skills can be put into skill slots. Willpower skill level is dependent on the highest Main or Sub Eudaemon skill level. (Skill level <= 8) Willpower skill level cap will increase when the level of all skills in a vertical line are maxed out. Different materials will be required to upgrade Willpower skills after the skill's level cap increases.


3. EXP Wheel

1) EXP Wheel offers attribute bonuses for a Willpower's passive skill. Initial EXP Wheel level is Lvl. 0. EXP Wheel will advance by 1 level when all attributes are upgraded to Lvl. 10.

2) The EXP Wheel includes an inner and an outer pointer. The inner pointer determines how much EXP a spin adds (+1, +5, +10, +15, +20, +50). Balens can be used to lock up to 5 EXP points. When an EXP point is locked, the pointer will skip the point amount when spun. In other words, the pointer will not stop on locked point amounts. Locking more EXP points costs more Balens.

The outer pointer determines which attribute will get the EXP from a spin. There are 7 attributes: RES Reduction, Fire Resistance, Wind Resistance, Water Resistance, Electro Resistance, Light Resistance, Dark Resistance.

The EXP Wheel consumes Will Gears (single spin) and Key of Will (directly obtain the largest amount of EXP).


4. Willpower Talent

1) Willpower Talent offers extra attributes for the EXP Wheel.

2) 1 Willpower Talent Stone can be used to obtain 1 Talent Point. Talent Points can be used to upgrade corresponding Talent skills.


5. Willpower Introduction

Two Willpower masters will be unlocked in the new version. Void Emissary mainly deals magic damage while Angel of Light mainly deals physical damage. Compared to Eudaemons, Willpower has greater skill effects, attributes, resistance and viability.

Void Emissary Skills:

1) Active Skill


2) Delphic Skill


3) Passive Skill

Angel of Light Skills:

1) Active Skill


2) Delphic Skill

3) Passive Skill