Incentive Fund

2017-06-05 20:43:54

[Prologue] Get an Incentive Fund to help you save more!

[Entry] Enter Incentive Fund via the icon in the top right of the screen.

[Unlock Requirement] Rave unlocks at Lvl. 11.

[Gameplay Info]
There is an Incentive Fund Collection Day (including Double Fund Day) and an Incentive Fund Use Day. On Incentive Fund Collection Day, you will be awarded with a certain amount of funds according to a ratio based on your first Balens expenditure every day. (Note: To receive an Incentive Fund, your first purchase of the day should be at least the lowest participation amount in a single purchase.) If you spend on Double Fund day, the Incentive Fund you receive will be doubled! On Incentive Fund Use day, you can use Incentive Funds to offset your first purchase for the day. The Incentive Fund can only be used once and will only be used when your spending amount is more than your fund. The Incentive Fund will expire if you do not use it in a timely manner.


[Event Panel]

[Gameplay Info]
I Functions Intro:

1. The Circle: This area displays Incentive Fund Collection Day, Double Fund Day and Incentive Fund Use Day. In this picture, 5/16 -17 are Incentive Fund Collection Days (Among them, 5/17 is Double Fund Day), 5/18 and 5/19 are Incentive Fund Use Day.
2. Info about Consumption: This area displays the minimum consumption required for joining the event; your consumption will only be recorded when it reaches the minimum. You should spend at least 1,000 Balens in a single purchase in order to get an Incentive Fund.
3. Cumulative Incentive Fund: This area shows the Incentive Fund you obtained during the event and the largest amount of Incentive Fund you can receive during the event.

Ⅱ Incentive Fund Collection

1. May 16th is Incentive Fund Collection Day (not double day), you spend 10,000 Balens for the first time on that day (amount has exceeded the minimum of 1,000 Balens), so you receive 1,100 Balens as a fund.
2. May 17th is Double Fund Day, if you spend 1,995 Balens for the first time on that day (amount has exceeded the minimum of 1,000 Balens), you receive 741 Balens as a fund. (The fund has been doubled: 370.5x2=741.)
3. During the event, you receive a total of 3,990 Incentive Fund.

Ⅲ  Incentive Fund Use

May 18th is Incentive Fund Use Day. You spend 1,995 Balens in the shop (amount is more than the fund), you can use 1,000 of your fund to offset the Balens, so the actual amount of Balens you spend is only 995 Balens.