Eudaemon Signet

2017-06-02 04:46:35


An easy way to obtain Eudaemon synthesis materials.


I. How to Participate:

Unlocks after class is knighted.


II. Entry

This feature can be accessed from the icon on top of the game panel.


III. Gameplay Info

1. Click the signet icons (the icons in the red box) to receive stars and have all signets refreshed at the same time. You can click signets up to 20 times per day.

2. When you click a signet that is the same as one of the unactivated signets presented on top of the panel (the suitable signet will flicker to indicate), you will have the corresponding signet activated and receive 10 stars.

3. When you click a Signet that is different from any of the Signets presented on top, you will receive 5 Stars.

4. When all presented Signets are activated, you will receive 50 Stars. (Signets that have been activated will flicker.) Meanwhile, the signets on the top of the panel will all reset.

5. You can collect corresponding rewards when you have the required amounts of stars.

6. You can click Refresh to refresh all Signets.

7. You can click Refresh Rewards to refresh all rewards. Rewards that have been collected will not refresh.

8. Eudaemon Signet reset at 0:00 daily.