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Hathaway, a daughter of the Chititan Continent, was a brave, gentle and humble female knight. She was always ready to help and was greatly loved by the people of Cloud City. However, an evil witch became jealous of the people's love for Hathaway and began planting seeds of doubt around the city. Soon, under the spell of the witch, the people began to distrust and even hate Hathaway until one day they rose up against her. Dragging her to the Endless Abyss they threw her in, but not before Hathaway managed to grab hold of the witch, pulling her down too. As soon as the witch was killed, the spell broke and a sudden, intense wave of guilt spread across the land. Ever since, the people have done everything they can to make it up to Hathaway's spirit by collecting powerful shards that they hope will one day resurrect their fallen hero...

Crowdfunding Panel


[Event Entry]

When the event is available, players can access the event from the icon on top of the screen.


[Event Server]

Players from the same server group will join the same Crowdfund.


Event Rules

1. You receive 1 Certificate for a certain amount of Balens recharged. (According to the picture, you should recharge 100 Balens to receive 1 Certificate.) Certificates can be accumulated. Each Certificate grants 1 reward. The more Certificates you have, the bigger your chance of winning the Lucky Prize.

2. You can see the cross-server Crowdfunding progress bar in the event panel. When the bar is full, players can collect rewards based on their numberof Certificates. The system will select a Lucky Prize winner out of the participants. Afterwards, Crowfunding will start over again.

3. If the progress bar is not full when the event time runs out, the event will be extended for one more day. Participants can collect rewards according to their Certificates. When the event entry disappears, the Lucky Prize and uncollected rewards will be sent to players' in-game mailboxes.