Divine Altar (New)

2016-09-21 23:07:09

1. Prologue

Warriors of Gaia, band together and challenge the Divine Altar which has been haunted by hellish demons!

Cooperate to clear away the obstacles and take back the alter! Do this and victory will be yours!

Upon entering the Divine Altar, guild members should work together. Powerful guild members can use their strength to improve the general abilities of all guild members. Divine Altar aims to create good rapport between guild members and increase guild members' sense of cooperation.


2. [Entry]

Divine Altar Entry: Guild —> Guild Event —> Divine Altar

Note: Divine Altar will start 5 minutes after the Guild Leader unlocks it. Players can enter the Divine Altar ahead of time. Divine Altar lasts 30 minutes each time.

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3. [Unlock Requirement]

There are two requirements for unlocking Divine Altar:

1) Only Guild Leaders can unlock Divine Altar.

2) Unlocking Divine Altar consumes 50, 000 Guild Wealth, the equvalent of 50M Gold.

(Note: Guild Wealth is donated by all guild members.)


4. [Gameplay Info]

When the event starts, players can choose which layer they want to attack.

The first layer is inhabited by minions, and the second layer by BOSSes.


(1) First Layer (Minion Layer):

Minions refresh at certain intervals. As time passes by, the new minions will be more difficult to deal with. Previous minions will not vanish until players kill them.

Wartune - Combine some of your favorite features from multiple game genres.


The number of minions will affect player attack and BOSS damage.

A. There is a positive correlation between BOSS damage and the number of minions:

At the beginning, 20 minions exist on the first layer. Up to 300 minions may exist. 20 minions will appear every 2 minutes. When the number of minions hits 40, BOSS damage will increase by 200%. When the number hits 220, BOSS damage will increase by 2000% (maximum BOSS damage boost).

B. There is a positive correlation between the number of minions players defeat and player attack:

While players are fighting minions, all Divine Altar participants will receive blessings. For every 20 minions killed, the Goddess’ Blessing EXP will increase a certain amount causing all participants to gain a positive effect.   

When 20 minions are killed, player attack increases by 15%; when 200 minions are killed, player attack bonus is maxed out, increasing by 150%.


(2) Second Layer (BOSS Layer):

There are 8 BOSSes in the scenario. Players need to defeat the eight BOSSes one by one. When all BOSSes are defeated or when time runs out, players will exit Divine Altar.

Wartune - Combine some of your favorite features from multiple game genres.

BOSS battle mode in Divine Altar is similar to that in World BOSS. All players work together to deal damage to the BOSS. BOSS HP won't recover. For every BOSS defeated, players will receive a certain amount of Fang of Fear. The player to deal the last blow will receive an extra 50% Fang of Fear. Following BOSSes will offer more rewards.


5. Item Source

Fang of Fear can be obtained by defeating Divine Altar BOSS.


6. Notes:

1) Battles on minion and BOSS layers are PvE (solo) mode. A guild member will be teleported to a nearby revive point when defeated.

2) Fang of Fear can be used in Adv. Guild Shop to buy advanced items.

3) Divine Altar can only be unlocked once and reset at midnight every day.