Marriage System

2016-09-21 23:02:01

Wartune 6.1 redefines marriage and simplifies the whole process. Everything you need to know about 6.1 marriage: discounted and time-limited wedding ceremonies for newly-weds; tons of exclusive items for holding weddings; Satisfaction and Happiness for attribute boosts, Wedding Rings for permanent attribute bonuses and marriage skills...

Wartune - Combine some of your favorite features from multiple game genres.

[Unlock Requirement]

Both parties should be Lvl. 36+ and not engaged/married to someone else. Marriage is not subject to friendliness and gender. You may propose to your significant other even if you're not friends. Once your proposal is accepted, you will be married and you will find each other in your friend lists. You cannot move your other half to the blacklist.


[Gameplay Info]

1. Marriage Process Optimization

After reaching Lvl. 80 you will automatically accept the "Marriage" quest. After a successful proposal, you will receive Rose Hazel x1 and Eternal Heart x1 as a reward. The old way of proposing is still valid. You can also party up with your S.O. and visit NPC Andrew to be united. The party leader should propose using a wedding ring. You're automatically married once you propose successfully. You do not need to hold a wedding ceremony and directly use the marriage system. Players who are engaged in the old patch will be automatically married when the new patch is updated.


2. Redefining Marriage Process

Weddings are not compulsory any more. Couples may choose not to hold a wedding. After you successfully propose, you will enjoy a discount if you hold a wedding within 72 hours. (Remarried couples also enjoy this time-limited discount.) When your wedding starts, the system will automatically invite all your online friends to attend. The rose petal effect and fireworks have been removed from weddings in the new patch.

Wartune - Combine some of your favorite features from multiple game genres.


3. Divorce

After you successfully propose, you will see a divorce option in the NPC panel. You may divorce as soon as you are married if you so choose. There are 3 ways to divorce: Divorce for free, Uncontested Divorce and Compulsory Divorce.

Compulsory Divorce: You may use a few Balens to instantly divorce your spouse.

Uncontested Divorce: Both parties will spend a few Balens. You should party up with your spouse and ask for a divorce as the party leader.

Divorce for free: If your spouse does not come online for 5 days, you may apply for a free divorce.

Once you're divorced, you will not enjoy a satisfaction bonus and your marriage skills will be disabled, but both side’s satisfaction will remain.


4. Daily Marriage Quest

Heart to Heart Quiz

Wartune - Combine some of your favorite features from multiple game genres.

There are 10 questions to answer every day. When you and your spouse choose the same answer, you will get one question right. Each right answer grants Rose Hazel x50. Every two right answers grants an Eternal Heart. You must answer each question within 10 seconds. Otherwise you fail.


Satisfaction and Happiness: Attributes and BR Boost

Once you're married, you can click the Wedding Ring in your Inventory to train your Wedding Ring and improve Satisfaction.

Wartune - Combine some of your favorite features from multiple game genres.

Wartune - Combine some of your favorite features from multiple game genres.

You may use Rose Hazels to improve Satisfaction and obtain Defense, Intellect, Endurance and Strength bonuses for you and your spouse.

When both your and your spouse's Satisfaction are Lvl. 9, Satisfaction will automatically advance to Happiness. You can use Vow Marks to upgrade Happiness and obtain more attribute bonus.

Satisfaction (Happiness) will be based on the lowest level of you and your spouse's Satisfaction (Happiness). For instance, if your Satisfaction is Lvl. 10 and your spouse's is Lvl. 5, then both of you will enjoy a Lvl. 5 Satisfaction bonus. You may spend 100 Balens to help increase your spouse's Satisfaction or Happiness by 200, up to 5 times a day.

Wartune - Combine some of your favorite features from multiple game genres.

In the Wedding Ring panel, you can use Eternal Hearts (or Balens) to craft Wedding Rings. "Star & Crescent" is a default wedding ring skill. This skill can help a couple restore HP during a battle and remove negative effects. This skill will be improved as Wedding Ring level increases.

Wedding Rings will automatically advance to a higher stage upon reaching Lvl. 9. Afterwards, you can use Love Forever to advance train the Wedding Ring. Once the Wedding Ring reaches Lvl. 10, a new marriage skill will be activated. Following that, for each level advanced, one marriage skill will be activated. When all marriage skills are activated, marriage skill levels will increase in order as the Wedding Ring level increases.

The new patch removed the restriction for satisfaction. Divorced players can continue to train their wedding ring. Marriage skills are no longer subject to battle scenarios. Couples can use marriage skills as long as they're in the same battle.


Marriage Tree: Marriage Material Source

Wartune - Combine some of your favorite features from multiple game genres.

① Marriage Tree Watering: Based on Marriage Tree level, every day that you cultivate your Marriage Tree you will receive materials used to improve satisfaction and craft wedding rings. The higher the Marriage Tree level, the more it yields. You and your spouse need to cultivate each of your Marriage Trees respectively. Your Marriage Tree may require weeding and exterminating pests every hour. You and your spouse need to do this for each other so that you can help increase each other's Marriage Tree EXP. You may use Gold (Balens) to water your Marriage Tree 5 times a day. (Gold 5 times + Balens 5 times)

② Marriage Tree Cultivation: You may use items to fill your tree's status value. When status value is 1,000, you will directly receive yields for the corresponding tree level. After receiving yields, you need to wait 12 hours before you can cultivate the Marriage Tree again.