Currency System

2013-03-14 20:58:24

Currency in Wartune is separated into 5 types.


Gold is the most common currency in game. You can spend gold to upgrade buildings, study technologies, enhance equips, recruit army and Astro. You can acquire gold through Town Hall, Quarries, Dungeon, and Quest Bonus. etc.


Crystal is the major expense currency in shop. You can buy most goods with Crystal. Besides that, Crystal is the only currency in market trade and pay email trade. You can acquire Crystal only through recharge.


Besides coupons, Coupons is the other currency to buy items. With it, you can buy part of goods in shop. You can acquire Coupons through activities and quests of game.


Insignia is a special currency in game. With it, you can exchange rare goods in Arena shop. You can acquire Insignia only through quest and arena.

Crypt Tokens

“Tokens ” is the currency of Crypt shop in game. These Tokens are used for exchanging various kinds of rare items and equip suit. Only you complete the challenge of the Crypt, you can acquire Tokens.